Breast Cancer Myths

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We know there are a lot of myths and misinformation about breast cancer. That’s why today on our blog we want to give some valuable information that can help you or others to better understand this disease.

Because this is a very important topic that requires a lot of research, at the end of the blog you’ll find the links where we take the information from.

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1. Myth: Breast cancer is an inherited disease

If we look at the statistics, only the 5% - 10% of people diagnosed with breast cancer are hereditary. If there are one or more cases of breast, ovarian or prostate cancer in your family it’s important to inform your doctor about it.

2. Myth: Breast cancer affects women only

Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen! That’s why it is very important that men check themselves periodically by doing a breast self-exam and reporting any changes to their doctor.

3. Myth: Deodorants cause Breast Cancer

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) are not aware of any conclusive evidence linking the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants and the subsequent development of breast cancer.

4. Myth: If you find lumps on your breast, it means you have breast cancer
Actually not all lumps are Breast Cancer, only a small percentage come to be Cancer. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore them! It’s really important to inform your doctor and keep track of them with self-exam or m
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