Hello summer, hello sunshine!

Hey VZLover, 

Are you enjoying the summer? We are too, the sunshine, the beach weekends and outside sitting has all of us over the moon. However coming from the pandemic, and the past colder months we know we’re all lacking in the Vitamin D department. 

Vitamin D is called the “sunshine vitamin” because when your skin is exposed to the sun, the cholesterol in skin cells produce vitamin D, which ultimately helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. 

But hold up, if you are thinking that just laying in the sun for hours is the key, think again. Try to get your hours of sun before midday, this will ensure you get enough sun rays to produce the vitamin D but the UVB rays won’t be as harsh. 

Always protect your skin with SPF and pay close attention to your beauty marks and sunspots. 

Now pack your bikini, your VZLush Lifters, your SPF and hit those summer destinations ;)

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