There's a lifter for every neckline!

Hi VZLover! 

Are you still trying to figure out which VZLush Lifter you need for a specific type of cleavage? No worries, we’ve created a guide that’ll help you with it: 

  1. The first thing you need to ask is what do you need for the particular neckline, do you want more coverage, more lift, a seamless look? 
  2. Now you need to think about the finish, ih the shirt a bit see through, we suggest going with a matte finish. If the fabric is more dense you can go with a shiny finish. 
  3. And the third and final question is what’s your undertone, this will help you understand what shade will be closer to your skin tone. 

Now with the key steps is time to know the different types of cleavages and what VZLush Lifters we suggest to achieve that braless and flawless look: 

  • Square neckline (VZLush Nip Covers and Breast Lift Tape) 
  • V Neck (VZlush Petals and VZLush Matte Lifters) 
  • Sweetheart neckline (VZLush Nip Covers and Breast Lift Tape)
  • Halter top (VZLush Nip Covers and VZLush Breast Lift Tape) 
  • High neck (VZLush Petals, Matte and Blossom Lifters) 

Now stock up on the ones you need before they go ;) 


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