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Spectacular. Beautiful. Attractive. These words describe our boobs! But aside these there are shocking facts about breasts that you don’t know. No jokes, you’d be amazed at the number of things you don’t know about your girls! Are you ready? Let the countdown to the 10 mind blowing boo facts begin!     1. There are eight different types of nipples! Ever felt different because your nipple looked different from others? Well, you don’t have to. There are several types of nipples - there’s the supernumerary, unilateral inverted, puffy, protruding, bumpy, flat, hairy, and inverted! And the good news is, all types of nipples are absolutely normal!     2. Breast size changes each month! You know that time of...

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After a long and peaceful night rest, you wake up, and it is all business: bras and straps. Some days, you might think not to use them; after all, it is your boobs (and it is no one's business). Then you get held back by the culture: wearing a bra is compulsory – as though it is a religion. The truth is, they can be quite useful, and we often believe they make us even more appealing and smart.  Are they necessary? Let's start with how they came to be; they are replacements for corsets: which were even more headache. In contrast to all that restrictions with corsets, they are quite liberating. They had since grown in fortune and became...

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