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Our products are designed to adapt to the different needs of women. Each one of them offers unique characteristics that allow finding the best solution according to the bust and the occasion in which they are intended to be used.

Let's start with Blossom, which provides a solution for plus-size women with its "seamless breast body tape plus size women's underwear breast adhesive bra tape." This product is mainly composed of high-quality cotton and elastane, making it lightweight, invisible, soft, and skin-friendly. It uses adhesive imported from Germany and features an "S" shaped adhesion to avoid skin oppression. Additionally, its adhesion is stable and does not come off upon contact with water. It is also suitable for activities like swimming and can be cut and pasted according to individual needs.

The next product is Petals, an option that offers a push-up adhesive bra with additional features. This product is antibacterial and sustainable. It not only protects the nipples but also lifts the breasts, preventing the formation of folds or protrusions. It has a thick center that provides maximum coverage for the nipples, while the thin edges remain invisible under clothing. Furthermore, it is waterproof and sweat-resistant, allowing it to be used even while swimming. Its adhesive is durable and reusable, made with 100% medical-grade silicone that is soft and comfortable for the skin.

Matte is another standout product, being an antibacterial and environmentally friendly silicone adhesive bra. It is easy to use, reusable, and washable. Its length can be cut according to individual preferences. To wash it, simply moisten the adhesive surface with warm water and let it air dry. The adhesive bra has a smooth and matte surface that provides a soft touch. It is extremely thin, invisible, and perfectly conforms to the skin, with a thickness of 0.5cm in the center and 0.05cm at the edges. Additionally, it features a special ink on the surface to prevent dust accumulation. It is water and sweat-resistant, making it suitable for swimming as well.

Our tape has exceptional characteristics that make it stand out. With good elasticity, it can stretch up to 180%, perfectly adapting to body movements. It is made of cotton material, ensuring comfort and breathability, ideal for prolonged use. Moreover, its water wave design provides strong stickiness, ensuring it stays in place. Thanks to its waterproof coating, it can repel 50% of water, making it a reliable choice even in wet conditions. It is sticky enough to hold firmly, while the wave pattern adhesive allows for increased breathability.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have the Nipple covers, 8-centimeter covers that comfortably fit cup sizes A-C. These covers provide discreet coverage, superior to traditional bras. They have a wide nude color range that adapts to various skin tones, featuring a special design on the yellow base. The central part is thicker, with a 2mm thickness, ensuring total coverage and a flattering shape to the breasts. The edges are ultra-thin, measuring only 0.2mm, making them invisible on the skin. These nipple covers also have a thin film that allows for reuse without affecting the adhesive.


At Vzlush we are committed to helping you feel beautiful and strong in your skin. So don't hesitate to try our products.

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