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Instant Breast Lift

Are these lifters washable?

Are these product made with latex?

Are these reusable?

Are they water resistant and sweat proof?

Does it work for seniors?

Does Vzlush sell all sizes?

Do you have this in another color?

Why there are little pasties inside the bag?

Are my VZLush Lifters full coverage?

What if I got the right size but it still does not look how I expected?

What if I have an allergic reaction?

What to do when I am sweating using my VZLUSH?

Shipping / Order Status

How can I track my order?

How long does it take to receive my product

How do I change or cancel my order?

Where do you ship from?

Never received a confirmation email

Return and Refund

Does VZlush issue refunds?

What is your Returns Policy?

How long does the return process take?

Can I exchange an Item?

What Can I do if I receive an item Defective, Incorrect or Missing?

What I have to do if my package has been returned to VZlush?

Payment / Billing

What payment methods do you accept?

What if my credit card is declined?