How to choose, use and wash your VZLush Lifters

Adhesive lift: how to choose, use and wash a silicone bra

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Dress clothing is becoming more daring, with tricky and original cuts. That’s why, little by little, adhesive bras are becoming a MUST-HAVE in any drawer. 

In this article, we’re  going to try to solve some of the most frequently asked questions about silicone bras. Something that happens before buying these is that you can't try them on before. The fact that it adheres to the skin makes it impossible for you to see how it looks before purchasing.


Picking the right adhesive bra can be a little bit tricky if you haven’t used them before, here we give you 2 key points to keep in mind when buying them:

1. Choose your cup size: Our VZLush Lifters work from size A all the way to F. Choose the one that best suits you ;) 

*TIP: If you are looking for a bit more coverage, you can always size up!  

2. Consider the different lifter options

    1. Matte Lifters: These are perfect if you want a subtle effect
    2. Petals Lifters: These work great with strapless tops/dresses because of the transparent tab.
    3. Rabbit Lifters: These lifters will provide more coverage and support.
    4. Nipple Covers: These are the best options for when you just want nipple coverage. 


These steps are really important to get the best results.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and test the placement of the lifter before peeling the protective film, to get an idea of how to put them on first.
  2. Make sure your breast area is dry and with no oils, powders, lotions or creams.   
  3. Remove the protective film and with one hand place the lifter center on your nipple. 
  4. With the other hand, stretch up your breast area and secure the tap. 
  5. Press the entire surface for 15 seconds. 


And now comes the big question, how to clean a silicone bra? The adhesive bra should be washed after each use with warm water and mild soap to extend its useful life and keep the adhesive in optimal condition. Cleaning a silicone bra is not difficult but it requires a little time and care, it must be washed by hand with a neutral soap, gently, without scrubbing or squeezing it to remove excess water and let them air dry. 

Once clean and dry, place the original protective film  and keep it until next use. If you take good care of them you can get up to 15 uses.

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