5 trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

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With winter right here, all the naked branches and the cold weather is making us feel the vibes of this season. So, to go with that vibe we want to present you 5 trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle that are going to be all the rage this winter/holiday season:  

 1. Jewel nails:

Red, emerald, dark grey and all the dark vampy nail colors that we love, this is our favorite season when it comes to manicures. Pro tip: With all the hand washing going on, make sure you keep your hands hydrated with a moisturizing lotion so your mani last longer, you’ll thank us later 😉

2. Comfy and cute:

How about a cute pair of cozy pajamas that you can snuggle all day in during winter break, and a fuzzy pair of slippers to go with it please!

3. All we want for christmas is amazing skin:

Make sure you keep your skin exfoliated and hydrated during the dry months. Pick a gentle exfoliator that will get rid of the flaky skin and follow with a moisturizing face lotion that makes your skin look dewy and healthy.

4. Light up your space:

How about some twinkly lights to get you in the mood for christmas 😉💡 you can hang them and interlace them with cute polaroid pictures or wrap them around your christmas tree and your space will be shining brighter than a diamond! 

5. Give the table centerpiece the attention it deserves:

A cute candle lit decor for your dinner table is always a good idea for the holidays, no matter if you are hosting (while staying safe of course) or if you have dinner for two. You can arrange different sized candles and some pine branches in a little basket, you can add as many details as you want and we are sure your centerpiece will be a showstopper. 

And welcome to the best season of the year.

With love, VZLush Family 

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