How to start your day with positivity?

Hi VZLover, 

We are so glad to see you back since we are close to celebrating International Women’s Day, we wanted to talk about things that we as women can do to practice self-love. Have you ever tried daily affirmations? 

A positive daily affirmation is a statement that’s meant to be said out loud repeatedly (with confidence and conviction) to reprogram your brain. The basis of this practice is that repeating these affirmations constantly can reinforce ideas, that’s why we all have to make an effort to constantly think about ourselves in a positive way and this will lead to better self-perception. Here are 5 daily affirmations you can try: 

  1. I love my body
  2. My feelings matter 
  3. My thoughts matter 
  4. I deserve and receive massive amounts of love every day 
  5. I am capable

Now incorporate these into your morning routine and keep on shinning ;)

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