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Boob shapes 101 ;)

by Fire Agencia Digital 30 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Hey VZLover, 

We want to be completely honest with you, so read closely “THERE IS MULTIPLE BOOB SHAPES AND THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL”. We want to take todays’ space to talk about different boobs, because we all know that there are small ones or big ones but that leaves outside a whole range of different boobs that are important to know:  

  1. Round boobs: These are equal in tissue at the top and bottom, giving them a round full look. 
  2. Teardrop: These tend to look fuller at the bottom and have less tissue on the top giving it a water or teardrop look. 
  3. Asymmetric: One might be bigger than the other or the nipple placement can be different in both of them. 
  4. Wide set: These are more spaced and the nipples might be further apart 
  5. Athletic: Very low fat tissue on these breasts so they tend to look a bit more muscular. 

Now that you know some of the breast shapes there is, identify yours and try to find what makes you feel comfortable. NOTE: All boobs are different and they are all beautiful, rock them with pride and remember being #BralessAndFlawless is all about confidence ;) 





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