One step closer to a great Night sleep <3

Hey there VZLovers, 

For today’s blog we want to talk about a very important step in everybody’s life. Nighttime routines are a crucial step to getting ready for a restful sleep. That’s why it’s the perfect excuse to make it as relaxing and enjoyable as you desire. 

Make yourself as comfy as possible and figure out what works so you get the best soothing and repairing sleep. We’ve gathered a few tips to incorporate to your bedtime routine, however you can tailor it to your preferences and needs. Here are some tips to get ready for bed: 

  1. Put your devices down at least one hour before hitting the hay: the blue light on your phone or tablet can trick your brain into thinking it’s still daylight. So throw your phone out the window (not literally) at a set time every night and start getting in the mood for a restful night. 
  1. How does a relaxing warm bath or shower sound?: this could be your chance to introduce relaxing aromatherapy to your routine, and the warmth helps relax your muscles so all the tensions leave your body and you can unwind. 
  1. Make sure the temp is just right! Try setting your thermostat to your desired sleeping temp approx 30 min before bed so it’s not too hot or too cold. 
  1. Time for a gratitude journaling session: you can write down things you are grateful for, things that made you happy or any thought you might have, this is a good way to process your day and make sure you are not overthinking anything right before going to bed. 

  1. Try doing it at the same time every day! This helps you create habits and let’s you prioritize time to unwind. It's okay that you don’t follow it every single night, but trying to be consistent with your bedtime routine will build a relaxing pattern. 

Remember that sleeping is one of the most important fuels for your body, take care of yourself and as always Stay Braless and Flawlees <3 


Your VZLush Family

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