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Dealing with Burnout...

by Fire Agencia Digital 19 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Welcome back VZLovers, 

In today’s exercise, we want you to go to your happy place and imagine a balanced life! And by balanced we mean a life where work nor personal life take over. Have you ever heard of burnout? 
Check-in with yourself and see if you are experiencing headaches and muscle tension, troubled sleeping patterns, frustration/irritability, and Sunday night blues. In case you are, it’s called burnout. To prevent it, try to establish healthy work/personal life boundaries, remember it’s okay and completely fine to want a more balanced life. Avoid taking work to your restful spaces, and seek help when tasks are becoming overwhelming. 
And lastly, acknowledging that you need a break is also a form of self-care, sometimes we are going and going towards goals without realizing that we have to enjoy the present. if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, raise your hand and ask for help. Your future self will thank you. 

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