Home decor trends on a budget!

Hey VZLover, 

Are you looking for some interior decor inspo to spice up your spaces? Well you’ve come to the right place. After a whole year at home and with everything being open, we still want to make our home feel like a nice homey experience. 

But we know we still want to save some $$ so today we bring you some of the 2021 interior decor trends that you can incorporate into your space on a budget ;) Thank us later! 

  1. Minimalist art: Have fun with interesting shapes and textures to give some accents to your walls. 
  2. Dried flowers: The neutral touch of some pompas grass really accentuates any corner of your home. 
  3. Natural shape candles: Candles that bend and make organic shapes can not only light up any table but also give some personality to your home. 
  4. Organic fibers: A fiber mat, a table accent or a corner basket can really help give your space an organic feel.
  5. Pay attention to lighting: This can make or break any space, try to study your space and figure out where you need light points to make the room feel spacious.  

We suggest you create a moodboard of how you imagine your spaces, find some DIY tutorials on youtube and hit the craft store to start having the space of your dreams :) 

XOXO VZLush Family

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