Hormonal Cycles 101

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Women cycles are pretty interesting once you pay close attention to them and how they affect our moods. Today we’ll break down our cycles to see every stage and maybe get some answers on why our emotions fluctuate during our cycles. 

First thing is clarifying the fact that usually a women’s cycle last 28 days, during this period the key hormones (Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) rise and fall in a specific pattern: 

  • Week 1: This starts off with day #1 of your period. You start with your estrogen levels really low and this may lead to you feeling more tired and achy. However these levels will rise towards the end of this week making you feel more motivated and optimistic. 
  • Week 2: During this week your estrogen levels continue to rise, making you feel even more optimistic and adventurous, your libido and romance interest will increase. 
  • Week 3: This week is a bit of a mix, your progesterone levels will start rising while your estrogen and testosterone levels drop. This is your start of the PMS phase and you might feel emotional and lacking some energy. But it’s not all sad, during the second half of this week, your estrogen will rise again making you feel more balanced. 
  • Week 4: During this phase your estrogen levels drop throughout the week and the more it drops, the more you tend to feel pessimist and irritable. During this time it is important to make sure you stay hydrated, get enough sleep and eat nutritious foods. 

Now that you know the stages, we suggest using a period tracker to get to know your cycle better and learn your hormonal patterns. 

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