Lessons Learned from Quarantine

Hi VZLovers 💖

With much of the world under lockdown orders, we have a unique opportunity to turn toward personal growth. After embracing the change, we have met ourselves from a different perspective.
This are some lessons we have learned from quarantine:

1. The importance of hugs and kisses:

Did you know a hug or a kiss helps increase the level of dopamine, the happiness hormone? Aww that sounds so cute, but is 100% real! 

2. Alone time can be good sometimes:

Being on your own can also be therapeutic, take time for yourself and do something you enjoy!

3. Patience is a virtue:

We're all a bit tired of the current situation, we miss friends/family/loved ones and not being able to enjoy the simple things in life has made it difficult for us to find joy in our daily lives, however patience is key! Don’t be hard on yourself, do things you enjoy (while staying safe of course) and try to take it one day at a time. 😉

4. Appreciate the little things:

A sunset or a sunrise was never this beautiful. Now we really are enjoying our mom’s food, dad’s positive energy, walking our dogs, everything seems to look so new and amazing! Let’s never forget to find joy in the ordinary. ❤️

5. #Bralesslife is the best life:

Ohh yess we all know that feeling of going braless when we get home! Now we are home 24/7 and we get to enjoy that feeling all the time! We refuse to wear a bra again!


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Thank you for all your wonderful tips . They are realistic and the videos make me smile !

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