Nipple Covers your new MUST-HAVE

VZLUSH Smooth Silicone Nipple Cover Reusable Washable Adhesive 

Adhesive Nipple Covers are a comfortable way to hide your nipples for a more subtle look, allowing you to get the perfect seamless style.

The best thing? It’s really easy to put on and is ideal for when you don’t want to wear a bra. 
Nipple covers or sticky boobs 
Did you know that nipple covers are also known as sticky boobs? (whaaat?) Yes, they have multiple nicknames but here we’re going to call them Nipple Covers. So let's begin…
These are used to get any backless/cleavage looks with all the comfort you need and they give your breasts a smooth line under clothing. The adhesive on them is perfect to feel secure (they won’t peel off, we promise!) and be gentle with your skin.

How to use the nipple cover

  • Do not use it on burned or vulnerable skin.
  • If you are concerned that your skin will have a reaction to the adhesive, first do a patch test using a small piece on you. The inside of your arm is a good place as it is hairless, so it won't hurt as much when you take it off.
  • Before using it, do not apply lotion, moisturizers or powders to the area on your skin, remember that your skin must be dry.
  • If you feel very hot, make sure not to touch or take them off, if you do so you may find difficulty re-adhering them due to the moisture. 
  • Remember to always wash them with lukewarm water and gentle neutral soap, leave them to air dry and put the protective film back on before you store them. 

Important thing you should know about nipple covers 

These nipple covers are great to use with all those tops/dresses that are tricky to wear, also they are perfect for hot summer days because you’ll feel more comfortable and free. No more uncomfortable bras! ;) 
Self-adhesive nipple covers (or silicone patties) are made of Medical Grade Silicone which makes them lightweight and virtually invisible. They have a round shape and cover the entire areola, these are ideal for (A-C) cups and they come in the color vanilla so you can match them perfectly to your skin.
They are washable therefore you can sweat and wet them. Also you can reuse them up to 15 times! Isn’t that great?
Due to the material they are made of, nipple covers are perfect for a discreet look and the adhesive is gentle on your skin. Remember to always follow the instructions on how to use them so you can get the best results. 


The nipple covers are ideal if you…

If you are like us, and you want to feel more secure when you wear those shirts that are a bit sheer, the nipple cover is your new MUST-HAVE! It’s also ideal for those tricky white bikinis, backless dresses and strapless tops. Now that you know, what we know (wink wink) what are you waiting for to get them?

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