The 3 Minutes Rule
Hello you!
Today we want to share with all our VZLovers a rule that has helped us a lot to be more empathic, conscious and kind with our words. Words can really hurt people's feelings and we never know the impact they may cause on someone.

Have you heard of “the 3 minutes rule”?

If more people use this rule a lot of conflict and pain would be avoided in the world, and don’t worry it’s pretty straightforward.

Everytime you run into someone, before you say something ask yourself this question:

What I’m going to say is something this person can fix in less than 3 minutes?

If not, just skip it

What do we mean by this?

Does this person have lipstick on their teeth? Is her bra strap showing up? ​(with VZLush this will never be a problem 😉) ​then say it, help them out. But if it is something about her/his weight/ stretch marks/ pimples.
Don’t point it out! Keep it to yourself...

Words can be like knives, we never know the battles other people are fighting for. So let’s be more kind with our words.

This world needs more kind people, let’s break the horrible habit of commenting about others' bodies. Always choose kindness!

And last but not least repeat after us:
Everyone I meet is fighting a battle I know nothing about.
Be kind!

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