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Skincare for dry weather

by Fire Agencia Digital 10 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Hey there VZLover! 

With the chilly weather approaching, that can only mean one thing. DRY SKIN! If you are actively wanting to avoid it and want to keep the summer dew rolling for the rest of the year, the next tips are for you: 

  1. A luscious face moisturizer: since the colder season started, it’s good to keep your skin moisturized and ready for the cold weather, keep your complexion looking dewy and hydrated.
  2. With the moisturizer it’s safe to say you should not neglect your lips during this season, a good lip balm can help you with dry patchy lips that are uncomfortable and sometimes painful ;) 
  3. Start drinking lots and lots of water to keep yourself hydrated from the inside out and avoid caffeinated drinks.
  4. AVOID SUPER HOT SHOWERS OR BATHS, lukewarm water is the best option to keep your skin and hair healthy. 
  5. Don’t forget the GOLD RULE: ALWAYS WEAR SPF. 

Try searching for products that help your skin adjust to the weather and take your time to do your skincare routine ;) 

Now bring on the spices, the hot beverages and enjoy the beauty of fall. 



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